Bhai facing 20-30% loss on soStronk servers both mumbai and bangalore. But 0 loss on singapore servers :( help me plox


Help my guys facing terrible losses only on sostronkā€¦ :frowning:


I am Akstasy. Met shaan ingame and he asked me to create a topic here


Download winmtr and test any of the SoStronk server IPs on it (Bangalore:, Mumbai: and share the screenshot of the details.


Here it isā€¦
help plox :smile:


yes losses are real


how to solve them?
not a single % loss on singa bdw


Do a mtr to a singapore server as well then, and see the route differences. From the screenshot it shows that everything on the route has loss.

#8 right


singa singa


0 loss on sg ^^


Hmm, interesting. Two things-

  1. Also try a MTR on our Bangalore IP
  2. What is your upload speed? Can you post screenshot from ?


I am getting 1 mbps upload and download as per the plan