Being back .kick

Alright , just to put it out there , I know that I am considered annoying by most and I don’t mind , CS and sostronk is an outlet for my feelings and they might be annoying for some people and I don’t mind that.
I might mic spam a few times here and there just for fun or to get on some peoples nerves .

I kept keeping this topic on hold cause sostronk kept telling they will find a way to get it back but It has been a year.
It has come to a point where I feel like I need to kick myself cause I annoy my teammates.

Sometimes , a feature that is broken can help fix an issue that keeps rising amongst the player base.

I might be annoying by nature and many more players are. I have encountered ragers , trolls , mic spammers etc… That reuin the entire game. The admins have told just .report them and you will be fine but that is an hour waster which could have potentially been enjoyed.

I mic spam online and on Lan not to annoy people but to have fun , and if the fun is not mutual , I should be given a punishment as it is disruptive in nature.
This is going to hurt people like me but help the community to be disciplined.

We know that there is a lot of potential for abuse , but this is a risk that sostronk needs to take in my opinion , the option is your to take.

Consider what is at the table sostronk . This is not me talking as an individual , this is me talking on behalf of the community.

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Just report the griefers on the discord, Admins and other staff really do not check the forum as much the discord, I personally have gotten banned for griefing got reported on discord and poof banned the next day for 14 days, also the Admins have spoken about .kick they’re looking into it I am guessing a system like ESEA

That is not the point I am trying to make my friend , due to a lack of immediat action , we can’t. Salvage a game where there is a griefer. I can report him to the sostronk discord but that is 1 hour of my life gone down the drain. Plus , the kick feature is more intiminating cause it can be enforced directly , the ban system now is not that effective.

Yeah and while it fixes that one issue, it generates 5 other issues.

We had already taken the risk, .kick was enabled back then.

We have. There are problems both when .kick is disabled and when it was enabled. Comparing them we found having it disabled is the better of two evils.

P.S. I appreciate the post but please don’t be annoying in PUGs :slight_smile: