Banned while playing dew arena 30 headshot

i am banned because i was leading with 140 ping and not from that country ,previous event why they didn’t kick me . this is not fair you should mention it you are not from same country , you cannot play .
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Hi axelin.
That event is open for Mongolians only and it says so in the title of the event. If you were not kicked previous event its because either the admin didn’t notice or failed to remove you. The organizer for these events have the final say on who can play these events and who cannot (Since they are the people sponsoring the rewards for these events.)

You can check out for LG events which happen on Mumbai servers. There is no restriction on participants there.

i have a 1 request can you urban me from csgoindia group,so i can know about tourney and other players update . you told me i am spamming in the group. i am not active in group from long time, how can i spam .still there was a mistake i want to apologies.
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thank you for your fast support.