Banned Unfairly

Hello, I started playing on your server for the first time today and did not use any kind of cheats. I just checked my profile and it said that i am banned for the use of cheats. You can watch my demos, infact if I was using those cheats, I wouldn’t have lost 3-4 matches in a row. Please consider taking off or atleast reducing the ban. I was really enjoying playing on your servers and I am looking forward to playing even more with my friends. Please consider this request.

We do not care if you are playing on our servers or not while cheating. All the Anticheat cares about while being on is that CSGO has not been modified while playing. A cheat was injected was injected into CSGO while the Anticheat was on and the ban was passed on the basis of that.

I will continue talking to you via support to get ‘some’ clarification but this is it.