Banned Trusted Player


I got a message from my friend who got a ban on SoStronk for Cheating.
His Profile:

Alright, First of all I can claim that he’s not a cheater as I have played with him on LAN and was my LAN mate. He has been sustaining his performance throughout the period of 2014 when he started CS:GO and till now. He’s one of the legit “The Global Elite” of India and It’s actually frightening to see SoStronk banning this kind of player.

Please re-check the demos and I am 101% sure that he never hacks. Please if possible, let me know the demo or match or round where you think he’s suspected and I can get him reply to that. Waiting for your response, Please take it on a higher priority.

EDIT: - He recently played against JYP Gaming and still was the best fragger even with an Ace. Please don’t destroy his talent with a false accusation.

Hi Team,

This guy is playing on SoStronk for a very long time. Please review his demo’s He is Legit.

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M playing wd him from long time…hes legit player plz go through it once again .

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Please go through the demo once again, he is legit and trusted player. I am playing with him for past 2 years.

He’s a legit player. I’ve been playing with him for past 2-3 years. Please re-check the demos.

I’ve been playing with him for a very long time and can vouch he is clean. Kindly review the demo once more.

One of the honest players I have played with till date. I have played many times and can verify and behold on the statement that he is clean.
Kindly review the demo again for clarification.

What the hell ? Apparently if someone is playing good he gets a ban ? This is what this game has left to give to good players now ? Listening to some of them NOOBS like sAndy and squad , the sostronk admin really banned this guy ? Atleast give this demo for review to a good player with good game sense so that he can give a legitimate opinion.
I can vouch for this guy that he is not a hacker since I have been playing with him since the first time I played competitive CSGO and we have come a long way together and rest its upto sostronk admins what they do with this ban …

Legit player re check demo.

He is clean and a trusted player from my side ,he has been playing for so many years.Admin should check the demo’s properly.

Ban is removed.

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