Bangalore servers not showing in scrim servers list at times


I have some friends playing with me from Riyadh and they get a good ping in Bangalore servers. At times, in the scrim now lobby. the server list doesn’t show Bangalore as an availability. Kindly help.



This isn’t for the first time that it has disappeared the bangalore servers on location.

And what’s the use of subscription when we don’t have the location availability of banglore. Also banglore is the centre for players outside India which acts as proper hub for all players .

Fix it



Hi @JamesbonG @fl0w ,

I regret you had that such a bad experience, this is certainly not what we’d want to happen. Locations are sometimes unavailable because they’re full at that particular time. We are working on increasing capacity for Bangalore (and seeing that a lot of international players get good ping to Chennai we might be launching a location there).



bangalore servers still not available! Hoping for a fix soon.



Bangalore was down due to a attack on both our India locations last night. We were able to switch over Mumbai was back quite quickly but we had to disable Bangalore to avoid bad experience should the attack continue. Its available again.



Another thing @JamesbonG @fl0w , whenever you see a location unavailable for Scrim, please hit the Help button on the SoStronk App. This will increase the chances of one of responding faster to the issue than the forums.



it’s not been available from the past 2 days. Please do something about it. Bangalore servers are in the list when listing a scrim then when all 10 join the lobby it switches to Mumbai itself. :angry:



I have been playing sstk for like over a year, I’m playing from Riyadh and the only server I get a good ping on is Banglore which has been unavailable in scrims for the past week or so due to which my team has been unable to play scrims. Frankly, if banglore servers are not available I wont be subscribing again as no teams are available for scrims on the dubai servers.



Not like it matters but i won’t be subscribing either. They put so much effort in their ranked matchmaking and it feels so much like valve mm now!



@waamm1k @JamesbonG

Really, its going to be near to impossible if your bug reports are so vague. I know for a fact that Bangalore was not available for couple of hours during for few days in the last week. That does NOT amount to “Bangalore is not available” all the time (there are two Scrims and a Practice server running in Bangalore as I am writing this). We have taken your feedback and we are trying our best to keep the uptime to the maximum but as of now we cannot guarantee 100% SLA for any of our locations.

However, as I previously requested, please hit the HELP button on the app IMMEDIATELY when you wanted to Scrim and a location was not available. That way we’ll know the exact time when the problem happened. Saying “it wasn’t available for the last week” is not useful at all -_-



Btw just to make it clear, I appreciate that you guys took the time to give us feedback. However there’s a better chance at success if there are more specifics available.



i did HIT the HELP button multiple times describing the same problem. And the Bangalore servers were not available from the past 2 days regularly as I tried to scrim with my friends. Plus, i’m grateful you guys finally fixed it TODAY and hope they wont be down again in the future. Thanks!



@JamesbonG @fl0w Hi guys, hope your Scrims are all fine now :slight_smile: Just needed some quick feedback as we are testing a Chennai datacenter. What pings do you guys get to Chennai vs Bangalore?



First of all thanks a lot for the Bangalore servers! :smiley:
We haven’t played on the Chennai servers as of now since my 2 teammates from riyadh are getting like 180 ping at the moment on Chennai although the rest of us are getting like <90. On Bangalore they have like 100 and we have less than 90. Another friend from Pakistan is getting a decent ping on Chennai, around 90-110 which is good considering his previous pings.