Avast AV considers Sostronk app as virus

From yesterday midnight Avast av keeping uninstalling my sostronk app
-Tried reinstalling same issue doesnt help
-Tried pc restart
-Tried manual exclusion of sostronk appp
The error i get

Changing AV is not an option because I bought a year premium membership

My antivirus details

Can you click the “More Details” button and see if it tells you why is there a suspect? As you said last midnight, I’m guessing there was a definition update and some heuristic is causing a false positive.

That is actually great, can you contact their support and report this?

It redirects me to the settings tab

I am not sure what to write to avast support . If you can give a standard format addressing the issue I will copy paste it to their support


I still this Avast will have some sort of “log” or “quarantine” or something similar where it will show what “type” of malicious activity it detected. Try finding that. If not, you basically can just attach the first screenshot you posted here and ask the support folks “How do I find out why this file was detected as malicious”.

Tried searching for 10 mins couldn’t find log/quarantine but the issue was resolved after i un ticked CyberCapture option under the general tab (I believe somethings are being compromised while disabling it)

Meanwhile I opened a support ticket on Avast forum waiting for their reply

The same thing happened with me on my laptop where i am using the free version of same Avast If possible please dry run using the free version

Update good news :smiley:


Nice :grinning:

Interesting thread. I’m actually very intersted in this subject.
I suspect sostronk is either a spammer, a trojan wrapped soft or a cryptocurrency miner.

I’m looking forward into it.