Auto disconnet (auto disconnet in 25 seconds) when i join the server. latter servers are down in the app too... after five mins the servers are live in app.. the problem repeats.. please help. and thanx..!



the problem in console occurs like this…!!

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Map: de_dust2
Players: 11 (0 bots) / 16 humans
Build: 6443
Server Number: 11

Got pure server whitelist: sv_pure = 1.
Unable to initialize DirectSoundCapture. You won’t be able to speak to other players.PIRATE connected.
— Missing Vgui material vgui/…\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_default

Server connection timed out."


Copy the server IP and then during those 5 minutes, what happens if you try to connect to it?