Asking 399 for subscription

I was a subscriber since yesterday. There was an announcement from sostronk that it will cost me the old price only for this yea when i subscribe again.
but when i try to subscribe now, its asking for 399 per month. what should i do ?

Hey @bgnb

Quoting the blog post

For our existing subscribers, we are introducing the Grandfather Clause, where if you are an existing subscriber on SoStronk on the 1st of August, your subscription rate will remain the same for a year i.e. until 1st August 2018.

We also postponed the date to 8th of August. So if you were an existing subscriber on the 8th of August, your subscription rates for the next one year will be the old rates.



He has mentioned that he had subscription till 14th August so he should still see the old rates.


I’m checking this now.

@shaan7 ok. ill wait

guys please do something. im waitin for u pepl to reply and sort this issue so that i can subscribe

@Petrichor is working on fixing this. It affects people who are grandfathered but forgot to renew. He will give an update once its fixed.

i would like to report one more thing.
just now i got a pug and was not able to join server. it was showin
"you may only connect to this server from a lobby "
and i got a 12 hr cooldown.
do something

see this

This is a CSGO issue, the message doesn’t originate from our system/plugin. We have personally faced the same issue which we fix by restarting Steam.

@bgnb can you try renewing now?

@bgnb lemme know if its working for you.

its not

My bad, I’ve fixed it and confirmed by logging into your account. Please try it again, note that you need to do this before 24th Aug 13:48 hours.

Done :slight_smile:1111133

Cool! Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: