Anx boosting sniffy's id

if u see sniffy never performed very well and anx was always top fragging every game but after the end of September when anx got into next sniffy and anx whenever in the same matches have the exact opposite scores. It feels as if they have switched ids and anx is playing from sniffy’s id in order to get him into next as well. Of course this is just my assumption but please check into this matter. In the month of September sniffy played more than 50 games without a single game going above 2 ir in a single game and an average of 1.3 ir in 50+ games but after anx got into next the scores are switched and he gets an average ir of 2.04 in 30 games which include many games of him performing extremely well and getting an ir of above 2 several games as well as 3 in one. this situation is extremely fishy and i dont think anx should boost his friends id in order to maximize the amount of money he earns or to get his friend into next as well. thanks for considering this mater.

They have both been given warning bans for a week. And any further shenanigans of this nature will result in permabans.

thanks alot :wink: so they wont be recieving any points right cuz at the end of the month they are not there on the leaderboard?