Anticheat Issue saying its errored


Anticheat Never ever worked since i download sostronk now i am getting kicked coz its saying turn on anticheat for playing on server but its errored god cooldown twice :slight_smile: i reinstalled everything but still anticheat errored



Can you zip the logs folder from \Windows\Temp\SoStronk and send it to ?


ok got the logs zipped ill send it to you on the email


i did the email still no solution given out to me i wanna play sostronk bro HELP ME ASAP!!!



You have attached the app log files, we will need the Anticheat log files from the location \Windows \Temp\SoStronk .

We have replied the same on your support email, please reply on that for further communication as logs may contain personal information.


ohk i will email that


Still no fix given to me what should i do bro cant play sostronk


As I said above, please email the logs folder from \Windows\Temp\SoStronk to We can’t figure out whats wrong without them.
If you are having trouble finding the email where we replied to you, try searching for “#20344” in your inbox. If you still can’t find it, its fine even if you send a fresh email.


I have replied to your latest email which has logs. Please check.


Ohk Ill Try To do that i hope it works


Ohk i saw the email and tried it still anticheat shows its errored pls fix it bro cant play sstk atall from past few days i did exit out steam and turnon sostronk still anticheat error even after trying to launch it s still errored HELP ME ASAP its been days since i havent played sstk cant play with my lannies



Right now from the info I got from your logs, its not being enough to figure out whats wrong. Infact your logfile shows the anticheat starting and even loading in the game!
Can you paste a screenshot of the “Anticheat is Errored” screen WITH your mouse on the ? button?

While we debug this issue, you should still be able to play. This is because Anticheat is mandatory only if you are suspected of cheating (which is not the case). Can you try to join our Retake server and see if it lets you join?


From Few Days I was getting kick From pug and it said anticheat should be running to enter server last night i tried to play pug and i didntgot kicked i played whole pug stillanticheat wasnt working still i didnt got kicked yesterday and ill sendyou the screenshot when i get back to home