Anticheat is errored even after applying every listed solution

I have turned off all firewalls and virus protection on my PC. Moreover, I tried to reinstall 5-6 times after completely removing it and restart the PC. I have Visual C++ installed on my PC, but still it says anticheat is errored and does not allow akros service to run.

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Can you post an image of the exact Akros error. And follow the troubleshooter guideline.

The exact error is when I troubleshooted the app it tells me that akros service is not running. I don’t know now how it is not running.

Are you able to open this page?

Can you also confirm that when you launch the app AkrosLauncher.exe is running in background?

yeah when I start anticheat akroslauncher is running on background but soon it disappears from the task manager.

yes it opens and shows result : 1 and service version in json format

Can you go to your SoStronk folder.


And upload the AkrosLauncher.ini file here.

Link to the configuration file

And tell me if its running fine.

Connect to

connect - Retake Server for testing.

Still the same thing happens, it gets vanished from the processes automatically.

We are looking into this. It will take some time, I have given you 30 PUG Tokens which you can use once we have a fix in place.

Thanks, but it would be great if it is fixed quickly.

I would suggest to create the web application on server such as so stronk web and anticheat system as faceit, it would be easy for the users having installation problems.

Easier said than done. Otherwise we wouldn’t be without Anticheat for 5 years. I will update this thread when we have a solution.

Sure…it was just a suggestion brother, don’t get offended.

Any updates regarding this ?

The Anticheat dev works from a different time zone (EST), he should be looking into this in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Okay hope it gets sorted soon…eager to play :stuck_out_tongue:

@xzera When you downloaded the standalone version of Akros did it ask you to update the anti-cheat at all? It should have.