Am in the free leader board even though I am a sub and was in the top 25% of the silver leaderboard


I was in the top 25% of the silver leader board but instead of being in the gold leaderboard (or even silver for that matter), I have been placed in the free leaderboard. Please fix. And also, I would like to know the status of the gold leaderboard since it isn’t visible in the leaderboards section.


You will be getting your SUB before the end of day. Going forward it will be automated on end of leaderboard.


Hi, there was a bug on our end which caused you to stay in the free division even though you had subscribed yesterday. We’ve fixed your division now.


what about the gold leaderboard? why isn’t the gold leaderboard visible?


@Aequitas ^


Jo3 - Gold leaderboard will be created based on activity of silver leaderboards (top 25% of silver will go to gold). Right now not enough players for two leaderboards (Silver & Gold)


well that sucks. I thought with the arrival of next, the gold leaderboard will finally become active and I was pretty happy when I was in the top 25% of the silver leaderboard. How will new people qualify for next without the gold leaderboard in these next few months without the gold leaderboard?


Not a few months. There are already 60+ who would be moving up (thats more than enough to start the pool). Previously, the majority of the toppers of these leaderboards are now in Next - hence there is an empty space that needs to be filled out. Indian Gold leaderboards start September 1st. Probably SEA as well.