Allowing Subs if less players in an on-going match


I am not sure how this can be implemented but it would be great if we can get substitutes for the disconnected players.

Its like a queue where a player could be placed in and get notified once the slot is available on the server and can replace the empty slot on the server.

In this case when the new player joins the server, cool-down should not be issued to the older one (the timed-out player) / a small cool-down should be issued to the older one (the disconnected player)

This will help in getting instant players and a full team to play with and not waiting for the disconnected player and playing 4 on 5 or even less players on 1 team.


What you described is the upcoming (no ETA yet though) “Play” feature. Should make things really interesting :smiley: @shaan7