All 5 players leaving pug to avoid a loss


This has been happening for a very long time and I thought I’d finally post about it now so you guys can take the necessary steps to avoid further inconvenience to players who intend to play the game fairly.
All the players left the game in the 11th round and eventually the pug ended. I hope you’ll look into it.


hain ye howa tha kya log hain re


Report these cases immediately, you don’t have to hold off till you get frustrated. Just report them. Also read Facing pug leavers problem every single day

One of the admins will review the demo and take action.


All of them have been given griefing bans


Mr shantanu, once all the 5 players leave the sv the match get cancled and
there is no record regarding the game, then how come you put them grefing


Its not shown on the players’ profile pages but we have the logs and demo.