Advancement in the app maybe?


Hey there, michael staton here, the second most consistent player on sostronk.
So after the cool down feature, the game is getting a lot more smoother as people are becoming more and more consistent in servers, we also got a wait time of 3mins just like in matchmaking which is just fucking awesome. But what i really want to add is a feature that shows in the app , something like a count down by which a new player can get to join a server if someone leaves. A count down in apo itself showing when a new player can connect to the server.
M asking for this feature so that we dont have to go through the video setting bug (we have to change resolution to be able to see the scorecard again and again).
Plus one more feature that i am asking about is the “abandon match” feature so that if someone actually has to leave , he/she can simply abandon the match by clicking on the app tab and another player can join without waiting for 3mins cool down period, which saves both time and game.
I hope i get a positive reply, and i take my leave ^-^


Hi, Those are some good suggestions there.

  • We are working on showing a timer on app for games without spoiling the overall look.
  • The Scoreboard not being visible is a CSGO bug. It happens in match making too.
  • A .abandon and .surrender command will be coming soon for PUGs.


+1…good idea