Admin banning people at their own will without a warning

Please let me know the complete details of my ban in sostronk. If petrichor is one of your admin he has banned me probably at his personal will to do so and I 100% know that probably it was me knife running around it was train 4on5 already the guy who disconnected in between did not get a ban and me playing around with knife without a warning got a ban, Just need an explanation. I assume the enemy team reported me so I would like the chat log from that server and please don’t tell me you can’t pull that up these are dedicated servers and you will have the log. Probably a perma ban I assume. I tried to search up your forums, f.a.q, help pages or any particular section where I can get to know the reason of ban no information to be found. So it is safe for me tell that admins can ban players at their own will and players are forced to not play freely at their own will. If this is the case then please update the website and ban reasons on your website so other players actually know about it what to do and what not.


Hello Pranay,

Firstly you are correct, our FAQs are slightly out of date and need to updated with the new ruleset we have for griefing and cheating bans.

You were banned for griefing. And yes, the SoStronk admins have every right to take a judgement call based on what they deem to be an offense related to griefing to cheating, and punish the offending player.

It was a 24 hour ban. As I stated ablove, we will be pushing out a public ban list with the reasons and duration so that there is more transparency.

A public ban list as well as the updated FAQ related will be coming out soon.[quote=“ROULETTE, post:1, topic:37160”]
players are forced to not play freely at their own will.

Players are not forced to do anything, except not be a cheater or a griefer ruining the game for other players in the server. I personally feel this is kind of very obvious.

Thanks for taking time to reply. Hope to see the updated list soon.