Addition of knife rounds and OT to sstrnk

I think such a system would be more fun to play in. Also, I would like to see you guys add a feature where you assign captains who then pick their teams and veto maps. It would create a more fun and engaging platform for all players. Thank you for reading.

I’m assuming you’re talking about PUGs here and this reply is based on that. Let me know if otherwise.

We have plans to bring Overtime and Knife rounds in PUG soon, in that order (first OT and then Knife) so stay tuned. As for captain sorting, we don’t plan to implement such a system as we believe our soon-to-be-launched rank-based matchmaking will do a better job. If that doesn’t happen we might revisit captain sorting.

However, do note that you can play a completely custom PUG (where the lobby leader can assign people to teams, pick sides and select map and location) by using the “CUSTOM” button on the app.

Thanks for the quick reply. Also, when you say pugs, I’m assuming you mean
play as well as the normal pugs?

Yes, for both of them.