Add molly only damage

adding molly only damage to pugs will do good, no more yolo IR farmers rushing tru team molly.
will make it more competitive also

@ServerGuy was working on this few weeks back, maybe he can give an update.

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@ServerGuy any update on this sir?

@ServerGuy Thank you for adding molly and nade damage, it improves gameplay on certain parts of certain maps so much! :slight_smile:

However, knife damage (when overall team damage is “off”) feels unnecessary. Old habit of knifing at round start is annoying and griefers can kill or damage your armor at will (victim will need to spend $1000 instead of $350 to get head armor next round). In my opinion, knife damage should be turned off, if it’s possible to implement without hampering utility damage.

Again, thank you for your effort, it’s much appreciated! :smiley:


+1 for removing knife damage.

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