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Kunal again i got a cooldown man! i didn’t quit the game this time bro!




bro m nt able to log in to sstnk app
it shows some file is missing …
i tried reinstalling app but nothing…


Can you post a screenshot of the error here?


I would like to know why I am being put in Mumbai servers where my ping is 100 instead of SG where I get at the max 80 (usually 60-70). Will a server selector like FaceIt be incorporated in SoStronk in the future. Pls this is necessary as for the last few days I’mm only getting Mumbai servers where players have 5 ping and it’s really annoying to play with 100 against 5.


Replied on your post about this Need server selector like on faceit.com


I entered wrong id at time of sign up can you plz unlink my steam id so that i can link to to correct one



If you mean you had entered the wrong email ID then that account is still not verified. So, what you can do is create a new account on https://www.sostronk.com/register with the correct email ID (without using Login with Steam). Once you have verified that you can connect the same Steam ID to it (the system will automatically disconnect it from the unverified account).

Cant link Steam id to sostronk

Can u delete the old id?


SoStronk accounts cannot be deleted once they’re created.


ok so its now been linked to ncksharma8@gmail.com id ? and removed from nsharma8@gmail.com(worng entered id by me)?





You need to login to nck0096 ( ncksharma8@gmail.com ) go to Edit Profile and use Connect with Steam to link it.


yeah but ncksharma8@gmail.com is already linked to wrong steam id we need to unlink the steam id first @shaan7

i think i made my query a lot confusing… by wrong id meant wrong email and steam id
i want to link mrowl24(SteamID) to ncksharma8@gmail.com which is currently linked to nikhil8743(SteamID) .so in order to do the correction i need to unlink the nikhil8743 steam id from ncksharma8@gmail.com.


Yeah, things are clearer now.

And given that account has been email verified its not possible to disconnect Steam ID from it. You can still change everything else on the account - its alias (upto 2 times) or even the email.


i got a high ping problem with sostronk only


How do i register for events?


Right now events are first come first serve. You need to have the app open at the time mentioned on the Event page and connect to the server from there.


What are the time zone for the events?


It depends on the Event. For example, if an event is sponsored in India (for example LG India), its based around the Indian playerbase.