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I cannot install Sostronk app.It gives error could not get latest version .I am using Windows XP SP3

Soo I can’t see my score when I press tab during pugs. Now why is that?

Yeah, unfortunately that is a bug in CS:GO that happens sometimes after a player is kicked from a server.

For now the resolution workaround is all I know, change it to something else and change it back.
(There is also http://i.imgur.com/vNyB3Gi.png )

i cant connect this server public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …
Retrying public( …

It might a temporary problem with your clientport, try https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6370-QPHJ-3567

Auto populated display picture? Where’d it come from? How?

You might have registered with http://gravatar.com/

my friend mistyped his email during sign up n linked it to his steam account. plz help n ty.

Following up at I put wrong email on sign up. Now unable to connect steam account

I am not able to run sostronk after downloading today update running window xp sp3
error " the procedure entry point kernel32.dll xp "
please help

It has been fixed in an update few days back, let me know if it still has problem.

P.S. We do not officially support Windows XP as Microsoft has discontinued it, please consider upgrading.

when im going 4 a competitive match im automatically kicked out 4m that match ;; any soluation???

@DsR what kick message do you get?

I got 7 days cool down for not able to connect to a server’s ip which was not available. This has happened several times. Please help!

pls disconnect my steam id http://steamcommunity.com/id/itunnnaaaa from my alias MajDic where i entered an wrong email address for which i cant verify it and my steam id added to it unable to play cs go

If a Steam ID is connected to a unverified account, you can simply create a new SoStronk account and connect your Steam ID to it.

i cannot install sostronk app, gives me an error " could not get latest version" pls help
windows 7 sp1

Following up at Sostronk app install error

Please Help Admins. I pressed register in the DREAMHACK MASTERS LAS VEGAS - ASIAN QUALIFIER - SOUTH EAST ASIA.


I pressed it by accident and entered with my old team Victus Revolution. However, i would like to join with my current new team. I have not created this team on so stronk. Can you please remove the currently registered Victus Revolution so we can register with the current team that i am in (which i will make a group in sostronk).