A Quick Feedback

I am really happy that you can now get a server within some minutes instead of waiting hours. Lootbox, Level up, IR, Stats all of this looks awesome.

But there were some problems:

  1. My PUG: https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5141997584646144 and the user named Enzo_1 was given a cooldown and after 3 rounds, he joins back and plays the whole game. Why is it a thing?

  2. The user interface got really small buttons like while copying IP, While Managing team? I can’t even tell which button is for Editing Team and which one is Invite Link. Kindly increase the size of the buttons and provide a tooltip info on them while we hover.

  3. I was placed in a Singapore server where i was getting 100 Ping with 8% choke almost whole game. I do play on Faceit on SEA servers without any choke.

Hope you will take care of this.
Avi Thour.

  1. Because if a user could connect back (which in most cases indicates a genuine issue), its a win-win for everyone as you don’t have to play 4v5 anymore. Till now this has been a very good experience for everyone.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We’re migrating some of our UI code to a new framework which sometimes causes some buttons here and there to go crazy. We keep on fixing these things.

  3. Thats strange, we have lot of players on SG (and even I get SG games every now and then) and the server is very smooth. Did you ask other players (given you said it was there the whole game)? Or maybe see if a MTR can reveal something High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is
    As for ping, if QA goes well, the max ping selector will be released by end of this month.

Thanks for the quick reply.

  1. Alright, Cool.
  2. Would be great to see some more changes, I would surely reply back here after a proper look on the current UI.
  3. I didn’t asked other users but i encountered it only in SSTK SEA. No problem, it was still playable.

If you get chokes again, please ask the other players on the server. This is because if most of them are in the same boat as you then something is definitely wrong and we’ll take a look. “playable” isn’t enough :wink: