A cooldown for no fault of mine

I was playing in a pug and realised that my mic wasn’t working so decidede to restart the game so get rid of the glitch or fix it. Any way i played the first two rounds and then left in the third as it was an eco for us and after that someone else joined immediately even though the 3 mins countdown had not even started. Now i have a cooldown and that cunt gets to play my game and i’m the one who loses his ir as well. Could you reset the cd timer and whatnot for my account till the way it was before this game please.
https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6257523879575552 link.

@maverick we’re looking into this. Your cooldown will be reset if it was a bug.

No, your stats are calculated only per your Steam ID.

First warning, mind your language.

We have confirmed it was a bug, will be fixed. Today’s disconnect has been cleared from your history.

H@H@, I told you maverick to block and unblock one of the players. But you left and to our surprise, Another guy joined - Pratik even though the timer to reconnect was still on, But if he would have left he would have got the cool down as well.

Anyway, It was a bug. I hope SoStronk admins fix this asap so that others don’t get affected by this.