A bunch of stuff that you should fix ASAP

  1. The pug system is broken, you should add a map veto, and do something to prevent randoms from joining in the middle of a pug. Usually, I will be in the lead in a pug until someone on the other team leaves and boom an ultra skilled madfragger joins and then ruins the game for us. This shouldn’t be happening.

2.Your system for sostronk next qualification has possibility of corruption. If you simply take opinions of experienced players, a lot of up and coming talents will be silenced because he/she had a row with some pro player, and if you are smart you would know that 90% of indian pros have insane ego issues, and could be detrimental to the growth of our esports scene. You should have a system more like esea, where no opinions are involved, only pure gameplay and grind. And by the way esea is cheaper and provides a better experience. You seem to be more focused on freebies and benefits of premium, and don’t focus much on the actual experience of playing. A map veto for every pug should be a good starting point. Even for the server there should be a vote. FACEiT provides all of this for free. You won’t get anywhere with the current state of your service. I hope you can take notes and act upon the flaws that i have pointed out in this message.

Yours faithfully
-someone who wants india to grow as an esports scene.

It has been on our TODO for a while but we can’t add it right now because our developers are busy working on getting the AntiCheat out. As soon as that is done, we’ll be picking up improvements like this.

The ringer system is in place because 4v5 games are not acceptable, I am not sure why you’d want to play a 4v5 game. In the future we might have a bot replace the slot but we don’t have an ETA on this.

I am not 100% sure about Next so I’ll let someone from our team to answer this, but AFAIK Next promotions are handled by Gold winners, not by selection from a committee as you’re saying.

Nope no point doing a vote on that. Once you have 10 players decided its possible to calculate the server location that gives the closest average pings for all players, hence that is done automatically.

They have $17M investment, we don’t. One day they’ll need to charge for all that as well. As you said, we should focus more on improving the gameplay than offering freebies.

We believe that there’s always scope of improvement and we’re always doing that if you follow our blogs. The latest being https://www.sostronk.com/blog/update-blog-march

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Not a single Indian player in the Player Council. So your argument there is moot. Can we improve the promotion system? Yes. Are up and coming talent being silenced coz of some petty differences with Indian pros? Hell no.

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ESEA does not have Map Veto. ESEA has 18 years head start on us and FaceIT has 6 years plus a couple of gazillion dollars more than us. We have come a long way from what we were last year. If you don’t think so, then there is no convincing you. Next qualification was halted TEMPORARILY because our grind was not true indication of a potential candidate suitable to play on that level. We have started with improving the entire process by improving the MM system, improving the ban system, the qualification system and so on.

We had added multiple players from the leaderboards that managed to kill the Next scene because of unnecessary comm issues and stacking that made the experience bad for everyone involved, India and SEA included.

We have selected and have asked multiple Indians/SEA players after due consideration after noticing them play on the platform to join Next without the grind. If a player is skilled enough, he will be given an invitation.

This month players from the leaderboard get invited to Next. The halt was temporary. Map Veto/Surrender/Karma System are all in the pipeline. I assure you our team of 13 people have nothing but Indian/SEA esports in mind.

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