7 days cd third time now

I just disconnected my PUG to change my ISP (hardly took a minute or two), then i tried to connect, i cannot join the server anymore, after 6-7minutes another guy joined instead of me and got 7days CD for no reason. Moreover there is no reset counter? since the last CD(over a month ago) i played over 100 PUGs approximately still no reset on the counter? seriously? THESE COOLDOWN SYSTEM IS GETTING ON MY NERVE PLEASE HELP ;__;

Yep thats why it took you 3 min 52 s to join back

2017/08/23 20:39:55.327898: SHROOD //SoStronk.com disconnected
2017/08/23 20:42:22.164742: Waiting 30 sec for SHROOD to join back
2017/08/23 20:42:52.691255: SHROOD abandoned the match and received a 7 days cooldown.

2017/08/23 20:43:47.313755: "SHROOD //SoStronk.com connected"

Nope, you have recent disconnects from PUGs-

2017-08-03 18:58:51 +0530 	Failed to join PUG
2017-08-08 21:02:41 +0530 	Failed to join PUG
2017-08-18 20:05:46 +0530 	Disconnect
2017-08-24 02:09:51 +0530 	Disconnect

Number of PUGs don’t count, number of weeks without any offense counts. Read https://www.sostronk.com/blog/stacked-cooldown-update

i thought it took like 1-2minutes and moreover check the last LEGIT CD i receive, it’s over a month since i received it and i got two false CD few days ago that’s why my counter didnt reset, kindly check my last legit CD please, its over a month and my latest CD’s timespan would like 30mins or 2hours max, i got 7days CD in not any fair mean.