500 ping in Mumbai Server


Its the problem I am facing for quite a while now, not just for mumbai but i get 500 + ping for various servers in India, and i get better ping on Singapore and Germany now.

here is WINMTR from one of the servers
this is unplayable please mention cause and solutions



here is winmtr of that


The ping problem is between the hops and, both of which are BSNL IPs (use http://ipinfo.io/). You’ll have to contact them and ask to fix the problem.


thx for reply, but even after contacting them what should I tell
sorry for my lack of knowledge of the net


No need to say sorry, just gave you hints so that next time you know how to use MTR and IP information so that you can pester your ISP with proof :stuck_out_tongue:


and how do i pester , after contacting what should i say , plz help, what should i tell


You give them the screenshot and point them to the IP where the ping went high.


k thx i will what u say ,
thx again