5 man play pugs allowed?


Why is 5man party play pugs allowed again…its really unfair for solo players…and also it makes hard for solo players to find play pug matches as two 5 man parties if searching at the same times will get match first :confused: is is gonna be fixed or gonna stay this way??


5-man Play PUGs were disabled for a short time only to prevent stacking. However, we got feedback from users that this was causing more issues than advantage so we allowed 5-man again.

Its not very frequently that you’ll see two 5-man parties searching. Most of the parties on SoStronk are 1,2 and 3. I understand that you’ve been subject to very long queue times, can you give me an idea on how many minutes you had to keep waiting on average?


i have to keep waiting around 14-15 mns in average if there is no 5 man party! And about the 5 man party thing… if 5 people of the same clan keep stacking continuosly just to increase there impact rating…isnt that an unfair advantage??Coz the system has no chance of balancing the sides…this is similar to Esea Normal Pugs whr you can search solo or by a party…as u guys are giving awat prizes for the top3 i think u guys shud implent the same system as Esea Rank S or Faceit Premier League…


If you’re talking about increasing their leaderboard IR, we are planning to make a rule that a party with more than 2 players will not be counted towards the leaderboards. (People can still play with 3, 4 or 5 stacks, just that the PUG will not be counted towards the leaderboards.

We realize this, and are already working on a Glicko2-based ranking system that will make the experience better for all our players.


one more thing…can i know how the queue system works…coz i am queud for 20mns and didnt get match…some players comes to queue and within 1 mn they get match and this happened to me 4/5 times yestarday…and as a result i never get to play Play pugs…