3 to 4% loss every PUG/SCRIM and deathmatches


Hello Team , I was about to buy a life time subscription , however this loss% that I see on most of the servers annoy me . I know you are on a beta phase . Is there any update as when this would be fixed .

You are welcome to take suggestions , I work for VMware , let me know if these servers were hosted on VMware platform and if you have any questions from platform stand point.





When you saw 3-4% were all players observing the same loss? Almost all reports that we get for loss end up being a player or two having issues on a server because of various network issues (for example you can see loss if your ISP doesn’t offer at least 1Mbps for a 128 CSGO server).
In the future whenever you can confirm that all 10 players in a server face loss, please type .bug 3% loss (or any other message you’d like to give us more info). This will help us analyze as it will send us the Server ID, IP:port and other details.



Hello Shaan,

I have a fibre channel 15 Mbps download and 8 Mbps upload . I can stream and game at the same time . I am pretty sure its not the issue with my ISP. My closest server are from Blore and I get around 10ms latency only thing that bothers me is the loss I see .

what kind of proof are you looking for? I can get all players report it and I have personally seen 5 to 10 games where all players reported same issue .



@Sharq shaq this guy has the same problem as you.




As I said, just all players reporting is good enough[*], every report contains enough metadata for us to investigate. As of now the only known issue we are able to confirm is with our Bangalore location at peak capacity. As a result we have reduced the capacity to what the bandwidth we can maintain in the Bangalore DC. For Mumbai its virtually unlimited.

[*] But please be considerate and report only if you are absolutely certain if all 10 players can confirm. Our support team is already overwhelmed with the existing load.



Hello @shaan7 I can start a packet capture / Tracert with Wireshark and send you the dumps if you want it . I was able to play without losses today mostly on Mumbai servers . May be the fact you are talking about overloaded Blore servers are actually impacting users!



Well its gonna be very hard to actually sequence the packets out (to figure out how many got dropped). Instead if your observations coincide with the fact I told you about Bangalore we’re fine. For the Bangalore front our ops team is working hard to get us a better DC.