3 days Cooldown after 2 hours CD

I got a 3 days CD for not joining the match after getting a 2 hours cd earlier :confused: Shouldn’t it be 12 hours instead of 3 days???


I checked your PUG history and you have a lot of disconnects recently. Its unlikely that you had only 2 hours cooldown earlier. It would’ve stacked from 2 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours and finally 3 days.

I disconected from a PUG earlier that day, and i got a 2 hour CD. Later that day i played another PUG and for some reason I had to leave and thinking I will get a 12hour CD , i disconnected only to see that i got a 3 days CD. I am aware of how your CDs work and hence made this post. Anyway, i guess nothing can be done now, so thank you for your reply, i’ll try not disconnecting from pugs anymore hopefully reducing my cd time :stuck_out_tongue: .