24 hrs cooldown for nothing but your Cache(new) map

only 3 ppl were in server out of 10 … rest couldnt connect… missing map.bsp issue … what is this non-sense bro? … i ve already abandoned earlier games coz of power cut and net issues… now 24 hrs … Thank you for taking 200 rs from me … Please clear my cooldown As soon as possible… ty

I am not being able to connect. getting cool down for nothing.

The problem is SoStronk is trying to launch “de_cache.bsp” but the workshop map is named “de_cache_new.bsp”. It should be fixed once a SSTK dev sees this thread.

Not really. The configuration is correct, we were able to join when we tested.

Some players have workshop download disabled and some don’t have enough bandwidth to download the map within the time needed to join the server.

We are reverting our systems back to the old cache.

EDIT: Cooldowns issued during the last 8 hours have been canceled as well.

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Just pointing out what intuitively seems correct. I am no expert.

The map’s location is steamapps/…/csgo/maps/workshop/1855851320

The disconnection message shows that “de_cache.bsp” is missing on the above mentioned location. Which is true, cause the map is named “de_cache_new.bsp” (by default).

I had it downloaded (and tested in offline) before searching for pugs. If the message in the picture isn’t misleading, this must be the issue.

I didn’t want to try and manually rename the map in order to join the server because it would result in 9 players getting cooldown. But now I it seems I should’ve tested it.