1v1 servers or a 1v1 tornament ( can be 2v2)


I have suggested this topic many times…its really a good idea…I had posted this topic on the fb Csgo India and got a good response…please take it into consideration


Thanks for bringing this up again. Yes, this is a priority. We are also looking at doing:

  • arena maps
  • allow both classes to buy all guns in DM/HSDM


Please bring back HSDM (with bots in case of empty server) :<


@poWar hates bots!


Noooo no bots. :slight_smile:


@PRP convince @poWar and we are golden


@VuNaMi yeah thanks yeah i forgot that arena points that’s the idea…it would be just great for bringing arena svs up :slight_smile:


No HSDM I crie :’ (