Xender is fishy


I pugged with this guy, and apparently as I felt, many others also told me that this guy might have aim assist. His aim keeps shaking and leads to headshots only. Please spec his games.
Especially : https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6330849917665280


he is really fishy everytime i’ve played against him he prefires preaims many players have told me that this guy is using hacks and im also sure of it please look into this case admins. @akS


he is also no.1 on leaderboard and if he wins it would be unfair for others…


Last month it was ADDICT (Thanks for banning him).
This month it’s Xender. You must be hearing this thousandth time but you gotta implement the Anti-cheat soon.

P.S: I have played against Xender and can confirm that he is surely Fishy.


I have watched him play a few times and i believe he uses aim assist




yea 100% aimbot
ban him fast what are the admins waiting for? that he destroys everyone’s games and ppl slowly leave sstk?


Only Anti-Cheat can save us now.


https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6342036428423168 check this pug of his :confused:




HAHHAHAHA this guy has to be the dumbest ever hacker I’ve ever come across!


oh the irony!


private profile never play scrim or offical match his profile private rank 5 its mean 50 hours accnt he is in top ! admin whats going on i thnk u guys will ban him @akS @Nemz


https://www.sostronk.com/user/Xender check his profile and evrything evry map he is killing 45 35 kills ? @Nemz @akS


https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6342036428423168 51 frags seriously ? @nemz sir


@DreamYY1 @Hoax @NeroOliverPaul @OppaiSenpai Can you guys get the demo for https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6342036428423168 and point out the rounds/ticks where its evident that he’s using any sort of cheat? That way it will be faster for our review team to take action on this.
Remember, fishy will not be good enough, it has to be blatant. Just keep reviewing his rounds, if he is really cheating he will make a mistake.


Xender have no recoil cheat when i follow he’s recoil control in slow motion he have insane recoil control but how its not a human recoil banned this shit clean this sstk xemptus guy also cheater i saw him i guess he also have some walls