When is the Anti-cheat coming


Everynow and then facing hackers…and its getting depressing even people who have high hours start hacking if they start loosing…so when are you guys implementing the anti-cheat??Coz after than only can i be sure if that guy is hacking or not…Any release date you guys have in mind for the anticheat???


We don’t have an exact release date on the anticheat. This is because its a huge task and as a small team we have to also keep working on features (such as max ping limiter) and bug fixes.
However, AntiCheat is #1 on our priority list right now and its making good progress.


Valve also says the same thing :v…i hope you guys are faster than valve :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, Valve has an anticheat, we don’t even have one :slight_smile:


yep :stuck_out_tongue:


While we work on the anticheat, here’s the small feature we released today https://www.sostronk.com/blog/ping-limiter-and-refreshed-tournaments-page