Waller in pug admin plz ban!


Match id:https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5150334216830976
waller id:https://www.sostronk.com/user/P1nkzMeister
Just see him for the starting rounds 1-10 u will see he is pre firing and aiming at walls…if u say he is not hacking then i dont have anything more to say!! :frowning:


@shaan7 @akS


He definitely doesn’t look like it to me. Any exact moments you want point out?


OK then @bleh :frowning:


@Bleh This guy good vac banned 10 days ago and u said he was clean…you potato demo reviewer XD…why you no take demos seriously bruh


Ok there is a big logical issue there, you guys need to understand that “not blatant” is not the same as “clean”. Let me define-

“not blatant” - looks fishy, he might be using hacks, but we can’t be 100% sure just by looking at the demos we have
"clean" - we are sure he is not using hacks

Till we have anticheat which can provide us with perfect proof, we will be banning people ONLY if its absolutely blatant.


i understand ur point…but a match demo which i reviewed myself i saw that he was tracing people through smokes and preaiming and prefiring at uncommon spots…does this things not come under blatant…


these two and his teammate
please check on his replay
they playing for top lol

pro ? pro my a**, check out the replay:

I heard there is no anti cheat right?
AC so bad here? I heard some public (paid-one) able to use hack freely here (aimlock, sound emits).

FACEIT level 1 - 5 in that team but so good in sostronk. EW


To be able to review the demo, you’ll need to specify rounds/ticks where cheating is blatant.

When its missing its obviously bad :stuck_out_tongue: We used to have EasyAntiCheat but that didn’t work out well, and there is no other AntiCheat which we can license. So we’re working on our own AntiCheat.


Just like the referee in any other sport, that decision is left completely to the reviewer. He can be wrong.


another suspected waller
match id:https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6319565411188736
hours played:66 hrs XD
when is the anticheat coming :frowning:


Banned for Walls Sep 20, 2017 12:42:54 AM


ty shann7 <3


https ://www. sostronk. com/user/R1zgod
https ://www. sostronk. com/pug/5327323745746944
round: 4/5-7??/8/9/15/19/25/OT1 round3/OT2 round 1/OT2 Round 3

he outplayed all the maps and all the matchs. that 1 is a sample demo (he acting real good)
about the achievements, its minor city ofc he can win ez. look at major one. top 16th-8th only

his faceit account is level 5, almost all match is botfrag
http :// faceitstats. com/profile,name,rizcord


@shaan7, bro as requested on facebook, please help me


I’ve pinged your request to the ban hammer crew, they’ll take a look.


@shaan7, did you see the demo, please unban me, I have not cheated