Unacceptable banned case


I just knew that my buddy n3wty got banned from a 15 sec demo video. We always play together side by side and I want to vouch him here that he is a legit player. I can explain about his crosshair movement. This is the link of the demo that we received from SoStronk’s admin, FOSTER.


If you watch carefully you can see that his crosshair placement sucks. Thats the way he plays. The reason his crosshair goes up and down like that is because while he turns/moving his mouse, his mouse always in the air for a short while because of his mouse sensitivity and he has small mousepad. Thats why he sometimes lost control of his crosshair. If this is the only reason he got banned, I think it was an unacceptable ban. Please reconsider it again. If you really think that hes cheating, give more evidences that show hes LEGIT on cheating.

This is the link of his live videos :


I hope SoStronk’s admins will view and take action about this. We play SoStronk because we really enjoy playing here. But right now we are back on Faceit. We know that some of our friends got banned because they cheated. But doesnt mean we are following their steps. We tried so hard to get to gold and to play on NEXT.
Thanks for the visit and your time reading this. Sorry for my bad english.



Nice try…but that fov aimbot is so clear :v


Faceit also banned him. Play ESEA? i arent think dat.

Waiting for your turn fabi - https://www.faceit.com/en/players/littledenw

Removing those links from your steam profile won’t do much.