The new PUG system


After playing on this new PUG system for a while, this is what I have noticed.
I wait at least 10-15 minutes to find a game.
If I do find a game, all 10 people don’t accept half of the times.
If all 10 people do accept, many a times all of them don’t show up in game and the PUG just gets called off.
In this whole process of me trying to find a game, I spend an average of about 10-15 minutes and half of the times the game just gets called due to one or two players not showing up.
Now, I know this is a new system and it is in BETA testing but what’s the whole point of it when it takes so long to find a game. I know for a fact that it’s not only me who has trouble finding games as I’ve heard others complaining about it too.
The whole point of a PUG is to play a quick game, but with this new system I find that very difficult to do.
Most of the SoStronk staff will be reading this and wondering what the whole point of introducing a ranking system is then. To this all I can suggest is, bring back the old system of being able to join a PUG of your choice, and use the ranking system for scrims.
All in all, I prefer the old system where you can just find an open PUG and join whichever one you want, and me, as well as many others would love it if the old system could be implemented again.


Hey InformalOrange

First off, thanks for the detailed feedback, its greatly appreciated over here at SoStronk HQ when our users decide to make the effort to give said feedback. Good feedback also deserves a detailed response.

On the topic of transitioning from old school DOT R PUG’s to MM PUG’s. Instead of going back to the old system which has its own disadvantages the biggest of which being that there is no skill based match-making - a core characteristic that is essential for proper PUG based play.

Also, its in our plans to further evolve the MM PUG system to be much more feature complete and also add multiple reward mechanisms with regards to Badges, XP, Karma/Rep, Verified, FPL-Like system etc on top which can only be done on top of an MM system and not a completely user controlled environment like the old PUG System.

I can write an essay on the multitude of reasons that we cant build those features on top of DOT R but instead I will just give the key reason. Any environment that is completely user controlled = potential for match fixing and user collusion which inherently makes any further reward mechanisms not applicable (hence points were never applied to the old system as well)

What we can do instead, is take your valuable feedback and improve the MM system during the beta, starting with:-

1 - Minimal cooldowns for griefers who do not accept at 9/10
2 - Cooldowns for the last person not joining and the PUG being made nonapplicable.
3 - Ringer system to enable people to enter 9/10 games whether they are live or just created so to fill up that spot.
4 - Fixing the 5 man disconnect exploit that people are doing to avoid cooldown & IR punishments.

Some of these are already being worked on. I hope this eases your mind with regards to where the MM system is heading and why its the correct way forward.


Just FYI, this is already there. People who do not JOIN a PUG after Accepting get a cooldown.