The 10th Culprit


As usual the accept button came when I was searching. As usual I excitingly accepted the match dreaming about my victory in the so to happen game with my friends. Only 9 accepted. A usual incident in SoStronk. It restarted the search. But the 10th culprit’s name didnt show up. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didnt. Why is that so? Many times the name of the player who didnt accept doesnt show up. Many sketchy thoughts pop into my mind regarding this. Is this a bug? Is SoStronk purposely handing out fake accept buttons to keep players from losing hope in finding a game? Is there a setting which hides the player name from popping up? I dont know. Do you?


And in any matchmaking system for that matter.

That is exactly why we are not able to fix it. If a bug is hard to reproduce in a controlled environment, its near impossible to figure out why its happening.


Anyway, given that you have taken this much effort its clear you care about this. That makes you a good candidate to help us to debug this. Here’s what you need to do-

  1. Search for a game and accept it when you find a match.
  2. If 9/10 happens, copy the party invite link and paste it as a reply here.
  3. To search for your next game, exit this party and start a new one by hitting PUG on the main screen. This step is to make sure that the last log from that party is the 9/10


That was sarcastic tbh. No offence intended.

And sure. I would be happy to help you.




The lobby link-

“Waiting for enough people to search from your region
A match has been found!
Searching for a game
Waiting for enough people to search from your region”


Once more.
2 people didnt accept this time.

“Searching for a game
A match has been found!
Searching for a game”


Thanks a lot, let me look at this.


Ok I think I’ve isolated the area where the problem is. I have added more logs there, can you repeat the same exercise again today (or whenever this happens next)


Happened Again

“Waiting for enough people to search from your region
A match has been found!
Searching for a game”


Ok the first stage logs worked. In this case this guy didn’t accept

However, I couldn’t figure out why the message was not sent to the players. I have added more logs.
Please report when this happens again.


Happened Again-

“Searching for a game
1 player has been invited
2 players have been invited
1 player has been invited
A match has been found!
Searching for a game”


That party had a server launched at 15:04:20.053 , you had even joined the server but the game didn’t start because @ROG_Blank didn’t join and got a cooldown.


Ummmm…how is that related?