Test server of eu was great


Ok so yesterday from the cafe i was getting about 160 ish ping… And i hink the test server is some of success coz one he players are already at the top of the free leader board … One player from spain is also using the trail sub option… Many from eu region is also playing like france, sweden spain etc



Yeah it was pretty good. However I did notice some Indians with good Internet getting matched up on Frankfurt with 150 ping, which was fun but not for everyone. So we have adjusted the minimum pings to 120ms instead.


I was thinking that i have wishnet services and i get around 35-45 ms in normal circumstances… So is there any way that i would get under 100ms in eu server… Or ia it based on the isp or can i do routing on my own…


Well from India getting under 100ms will be very hard. I do not know any Indian ISP that can give you such good routing to EU.


Ooo ok