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To folks who see that the item is unavailable for trade, have patience, i’am sending them again.


AK Redline FT & Glock 18 Steel Disruption MW. Entry 2 & 21.

  • Kaustubh Sathe…


Hoping :smiley:


the trade got declined by you since i was asleep !! i have posted a screenshot of it tagging sostronk on facebook !!


hey Mohammed contractor here …!!!

my trade url -


mohammed contractor here


Can you point out the row where your giveaway is mentioned?



Got It Today :smiley: Thanks a ton :slight_smile: First ever Giveaway Win !


Thank You got both the skins


Here is my trade url


hey, poWar yesterday i was not able to accept your request, so it is unavailable now, can you please send me the trade offer again :confused:

i won a chroma case 2 key

steam id:
entry no: 32 in listing


Thanks, Got my AK Redline. Didn’t get the Glock 18 Steel Disruption though.

Entry 2.


Yosh!!! done… :smile:

Now wat?? :3


Got my ak redline and 1 key waiting for 1 more key :smile:
Please send it


won the giveaway for the first time, didn’t got the gift !! GG!! :confused:


Won 2 ak red-lines on sunday the 14th


won ak redline more than 1 week ago still havent got it :frowning:


It was cancelled. I’ve sent the trade offer again :smile:


I’ve sent your AK :smile: