Share your trade links here


EnTry no - 4 and 7
1 Chroma key And ST AWP Worm God
Trade link -


I am Ashutosh Jadhav i had got my croma2 key but didnt got my m4a4 bullet rain MW. So this is just a reminder about it here my trade link


I won Falchion case key. :slight_smile:
My trade URL.


Looks like your Steam Trade URL is invalid.


got it thanks! :smiley:


My name is Harveen Singh

I won a chroma 2 case key!

Awaiting acknowledgement thanks


hey ,
thanks i got my p90 :smiley: now only AK cartel FN left :smiley:


My name is Rounak Kayathwal

chroma 2 case key
entry no:31


hey ,

thanks again , i got my both items :smiley:

sostronk <3

#52 im Metal Fury :3 i won chroma 2 key


There’s a surprise waiting for you in your inventory :smile:


Hey m8! This is my trade url


You’ve not connected your SteamID. Please do so.

#56 This is what i got :open_mouth:


I think you’ve registered as xXGryffindorXx sometime back and connected the steam id to it.


Oh yeahh i did! I think i did it twice was because i couldnt get access to that acc!! Hmm so how do i solve this?


I’ll send in the trade offer for you. But for your SoStronk account, you can use the forgot password feature. I’ve given you the alias anyways. Try to retrieve your old account.


Alright updated my new account as well as received the key :slight_smile: Thanks alot !!!


Thanks a lot, I just received my AWP Corticera MW!
Cheers, SoStronk =D


I got Awp Worm God but The Chroma Case key is showing Unavailable to trade