Share your trade links here


D300 your P90 will be available for trade tomorrow.


Ali, your trade offer does not seem to be valid


Can you point me to the row where your giveaway is mentioned in the sheet?


You’ll get your drop tomorrow.


Please connect your steam ID to your SoStronk account and let me know when you’ve done so.


Winner Number 25. Ak 47 Redline FT
My Trade Link:
Tysm SoStronk For Lovely Giveaway :slight_smile:


Entry No. - 34 .
Hello, I am Saahil Madhogaria. I won an AWP | BOOM (FT),

My trade link -
Screenshot proof-
I have already emailed the requirement to sostronk through mail.

Thank you for the giveaway :smiley:

#29 :smiley:


Posting again sry*
won 2* ak redline ft!! ty for that again
entry number 17 and 40


didnt got anything 1 key was offered to me but it again got removed -__-
i won 2 keys and ak redline bs
Name -Karanjitsingh
Nick-superhero u cann see my trade link in up commeents :3

#33 awp redline pls


Ankur Sen
entry number 14 in the list
here is my trade url , i won a falchion case key , as shown in the spreadsheet below.

but i cant seem to find how to connect my steam id to sostronk. ive already done it in the sostronk page but it doesnt show otherwise


and ak? :smiley:


For folks who didn’t get the give aways, have patience. By tomorrow all the items will be tradable. Am very sorry for the delay :slight_smile:


For the next giveaway, we are making sure that we have all the items in our inventory ready for trade.


Also, please check if you guys have connected your Steam ID with your SoStronk account. Can send the trade request only after you’ve done so.


I won a Glock 18 Brass FN
Name of my youtube channel - The Tutorial Videos
Proof -



hello! Pranjal Ghimire here (you mistakenly wrote Pranjan Ghimire which I have clarified on the mail I sent you) my trade link:
Winning: ST M4A4 Griffin MW :slight_smile:


i have now connected it …
kindly have a look… !!

i have won 2 prizes … one is chroma 2 key and what is my other prize (for winning halfrime prediction) ???


Trade link-
won a chroma 2 case key entry 21. Kaku Mohanty here.