Players abandoning PUGs when losing



Hi folks,

Since a while we have been made aware of scenarios where people leave and cause the PUG to get abandoned when they are losing. We have been working for a fix which involves rebuilding our PUG system from scratch. So hang on!

(Till we release the fix for this, you can report such PUGs and a griefing ban will be awarded to the people responsible)



i reported this problem twice a day admin never bother to get them ban "REASON BY ADMIN = ATLEAST 10 ROUNDS NEEDED"
and they left at 0-7 and 0-9


If they didn’t bother, they wouldn’t even reply. If you think 10 rounds is too large, you should create a thread and discuss that with other players.


i didnt did that because i think the bug is fixed after yesterdays update? if other side leave then you get the impact rating + win right?


Since June 1 all the PUGs where a team abandoned after 10 rounds are still considered for IR and Win.