Pending order of m4a4 xray


Ordered an m4a4 x-ray more than a month back.pls halp

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#5005941413511168 12000 PENDING Jul 29, 2017


Hey Elite,

Please update your trade URL on your SoStronk profile and then update this thread after having done the same. Then also ensure that your inventory privacy isn’t set to Private. We have already purchased your skin, but were unable to send you the trade request due to one of these two reasons. Please do the needful and get back to us.


#5912171707367424  i updated my sostronk profile sent me again pls give me my skin AK blue


Have updated my trade URL and inventory isn’t set to private.


@FeTT1 ^


@Bayna The wait time for skin purchases from the SoStronk market is 14 days. Your order came in on the 1st of September. You will receive your AK Blue Laminate by the 15th of September.


hello man offer is didn’t receive me check check pls


#5912171707367424 check u said its receive 15th of sep today is 16 check


@Fett @Fett1 ^