Never ever join an ongoing pug , and if you DONT DISCONNECT



today (05-08-2017) i joined an ongoing PUG on train at 8.45 when the score was 9-6 . due to isp i had to restart my modem which exactly took me 1.5 mins , after that i tried to rejoin the server but the guy who had previously disconnected joined back hence have 10/10 players on the server and not letting me join leaving me a 7 day cool down . luckily i recorded the incidence . thanks to GE force Experience .

COOLDOWN GOT CANCELLED IN 1 hour of being reported thanks support team.


Thanks for the report. No one should’ve been able to join during the 3 minute waiting period for a disconnected player. Can you actually check the PUG demo and make sure that the server didn’t wait 3 mins? If yes, we will look into it.


So here is what happened .

  1. player kallen disconnected from the PUG
  2. after 3 mins player kallen got a cooldown
  3. then i (GABBAR) joined the PUG
  4. then i left the PUG
  5. after 30 seconds i left the PUG player Kallen joined back
  6. hence having 10/10 players on the server
  7. the server waited for 3 mins for GABBAR to join the PUG tho there were 10/10 players on the server
  8. i could not join the PUG as there were 10/10 players were on the server leaving me with a 7 day cooldown .

THE BUG NUMBER 1. - when a player leaves the server , he has 3 mins to join back , And until and unless the 3 mins are not over no other player can join the PUG except the player who left the server .
In my case player kallen could join the server tho the server was waiting 2.30 mins more for me (GABBAR) to join the server .
THE BUG NUMBER 2.The Server was also waiting for me(GABBAR) to join the server tho there were 10/10 players on it .

Video Proof of what happened as per the Demo -

                                     Yours Sincerly 



Much thanks for the detailed report of what happened. We fixed this bug yesterday. :slight_smile:


Anytime man . I want to work you guys for tracking down bugs and giving you detailed report about it . Can you please think about it . :slight_smile: