Need some help Regarding QT application devlopment


i am totally new in Qt and unable to find any Proper website from where i can learn it i would like to make a Application for my college project with similar visuals as the Sostronk app it would be helpfull if any of the Designer and QT dev reply me with any good website from where i can learn it .

Things i want to learn:

  1. Blended Title bar
    will add as i remember


(Its Qt, not QT)

This is a good starting point (for example the “blended titlebar” is implemented using Graphical Effects)


Do i have to create the whole frame to have a custom Title bar and the borders or i can implement on the default Title bar provided in the Main window. I want to produce similar visuals like Sostronk’s App


The Window titlebar won’t be as flexible. In SoStronk I’ve used a ListView for the header buttons.


Where can i find some similar project files with similar GUI so i can do some reverse learning


I am unable to implement this .

i have posted my question here please take a look and tell me how should i implement the first link in my project


I’d recommend not to hide titlebar because handling move and resize is a PITA. (Imagine why you still can’t resize SoStronk app).