More servers in europe!


I’ve seen on PGL stream the ad with sostronk, i’ve got hyped and i love the client. Obviusly, i am from Europe and i want more servers in-here, i am one of those who will surely play on this platform! I hope this will get big! But when? :smiley:


Soon! For now we have launched extra capacity as a France location.


We are increasing server load in EU today as well - we want more feedback from the EU base. What do you like about the platform? What can be improved?


Why there is no EU servers up atm. ?


The EU locations are online, you can create a Practice or Scrim server by clicking the button on the app. Or, you can hit the PUG button on the app and queue in for matchmaking.


I dont know there is like 40+ people in que but not finding game…


The queue count is global, you’ll get a match if there are 9 more people searching from your region. Note that we haven’t officially launched in EU yet so queue times can be very long.