Many cheaters are hiding his hack to reach NEXT level


Dear SoStronk,

I have met a player who suspected for cheating to carry his friend.

  1. Suspected using Triggerbot, Wallhack, and probably Aimbot
  2. Suspected using Wallhack and got information he is using Aimbot on other previous match

Demo : www[dot]sostronk[dot]com/pug/5594487782375424

Watch n3wty from the beginning of match

Care bro… so many hypocrites out there… Happy Frustating, pure player

Gold leaderboard try hard hacking

newty doesnt hack…he even livestreams while playing on facebook


yeah, he didn’t use hack while livestreaming on facebook and he didn’t against me while livestreaming… because i can see his playstyle was very fishy