Leaderboard issue


So i was in the gold leaderboard at the start of the month … today i just renewed my subscription and now i m again in the silver leaderboard … please lookoout


even i was in silver last month i came 15th n now im still in silver? how does that make sense?


can sm1 help me?


hey i dont understand why have i been shifted to silver ranking that too on no.19. I was on 7th rank in Gold ranking was trying my best to come in top 3 but after this thing Im quite upset with Sostronk Leaderboard .


Hi @PappuG , @OppaiSenpai , @friction

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into this and will reply shortly. /cc @ServerGuy


So i was in the gold leaderboard at the start of the month i was the 2nd …yessterday my subscription was expired and i m directly came in the FREE leaderboard …so i want to subscribe today and can u take me into the GOLD or atleast in silver ? if this possible ? In AWP i wast 1st,In Pistol i was 1st,in Rifles i was 3rd. Please reply fast that can be possible for me for subscibe today.


@ServerGuy ^



There was a bug in our system which led to this. We’ve fixed it and you are on gold leaderboard now.


You are on gold division already.


what about me what am i in the silver leaderboard? i came 14th last month in the silver leader board so shouldnt i be in the gold leaderboard? please can u fix it?