Keep getting sg servers due to one sg guy


there are 9 ppl from india and one from sg so we all get sg server instead of a server in india. can we get some option to choose servers or can u give importance to the 9 indians instead of the one sg dude? This is seriously annoying pls help. Thanks alot



This is not a matter of “importance”, our matchmaking has no region preference built-in. The matchmaking happens in two stages-

Stage 1 10 players are selected according to variety of factors - ranks, IR, search duration
Stage 2 For these 10 players the best server location is chosen to give best possible ping provided its <110ms. Important: only pings are factored for calculating the best server, nothing else.

Now, whenever there is a person from SEA (other than India), the chances of the server being SG are high. This is because of the way ISPs have setup routing - Indians ping good to SG compared to how SEA folks ping to Indian locations (this is because most international websites in Asia are hosted in SG so Indian ISPs optimize for that).

Why creating pugs in singapore/malaysian servers?
Stop it SoStronk!

oh cool thanks


@OppaiSenpai You can now set the max ping that you will get in PUG matchmaking, see the announcement here


thanks alot mate ;D