I couldn't connect


I’m done with this and so stronk :slight_smile: I obviously don’t play pugs at all and clearly here to ruin the experience hence i keep getting banned. I have understood that you cannot unban me hence there’s no point discussing this further, thank you for your help.


connect now with this ip failed at 30 attempt …not blaming any 1 jus wanted to know reason . nways got 24 hours cd and ty there is no issue with 103. able to connect

  1. ip sv *


Its near to impossible to find the reason later and very hard even when you are having the issue. Next time it happens, make sure to try changing your clientport, check if you are able to ping the server etc.


I don’t understand why you don’t report this to the admins or someone, it’s obviously an issue related to so stronk and many people are facing it. You’re just going to end up killing the small community you have build if such small issues can’t be dealt with.


admin of?


This might be useful as well https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/207956789-CS-GO-Connect-Retry-Errors



shaan7 is one of SoStronk’s primary devs who is trying his level best to explain that the retrying error is something that is NOT SoStronk’s fault. It is primarily a client side issue which is mostly due to multiple connections. The first step one takes in sorting this out is by changing your clientport.

As shaan had linked above as well, this is an issue faced by people who use other 3rd party services as well not just on SoStronk. Hope this explanation will suffice.


jus now cd got over of previous retrying issue…and got match connect again retrying issue this tym 3 days cd wow… XD


Came back, bought a subscription, played a few pugs and got a 7 day cooldown again. Finally got unbanned today same thing. Restarted my PC and connected again but it was too late by then, man this is unreal. I should have stuck to my decision of " being done with so stronk ". Also was not aware of the fact that you were a dev and sorry if I was rude all of this is just frustrating lol, hope i can find a fix to this in the next 7 days so the subscription doesn’t go to a waste.


@Nemi what I really find strange is why does it start happening only after a few pugs. Is there some other pattern you’re missing? Time of day? Is it always a fixed Nth PUG that you fail to join, etc etc


@Nemi @mafia97 ok I just had an idea. The next time you guys get stuck at retrying, immediately go back to the app, go to the server browser and locate the PUG (it’ll say waiting for N players and if you click it the players list on the right has your name). So for that server can you tell me if the app was able to show the ping and player count?
I ask this because for the ping and player count, the app actually talks to the CS:GO server using Source Engine’s protocol. So if the app is able to connect then there’s nothing wrong with your connection to our server, its CS:GO fking up.


Alright I shall do that the next time I pug and if I face that issue, thanks. Also I’m not sure never thought it’s been some pattern but I’ll keep my eye out.


I’ll let you know in another week I guess.